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Current Projects

We are always seeking qualified subcontractors and suppliers to partner with on our projects.  If you would like to receive bid invitations from W.L. McNatt & Company or have questions concerning projects that we are currently bidding, please contact Jason Masterson at Jason@wlmcnatt.com.


  • St. Crispin’s Summer Camp
  • Irving Middle School
  • Whittier Middle School
  • Alcott Middle School
  • ODOT Sand Springs Residency
  • Guthrie Charter Oaks Elementary
  • Piedmont Early Childhood Center
  • Moore Ambulance Facility
  • Northwood Elementary School
  • Piedmont High School Addition Phase I
  • Hefner Solid Waste Vehicle Maintenance Remodel & Addition
  • Piedmont Elementary Addition
  • Piedmont Fire Station Addition
  • Northern Hills Elementary Storm Shelter Addition