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Mustang City Hall

Mustang, Oklahoma

This 9,000 square foot facility not only houses all of the City's offices but also includes the City Council Chambers for public meetings. This facility was built on the City Town Center Complex which was also constructed by W.L. McNatt & Company.


Oklahoma Trails Exhibit

This multi-million dollar exhibit covers over 8 acres and houses over 200 species from bears to wolves to alligators to over 50 nocturnal animals, mountain lions, elk, deer and fish. The exhibit consists of waterfalls, rivers, indoor and outdoor holding facilities, aquariums, aviaries and extensive overlooks.

St. Elijah

Orthodox Church

New 32,000 square foot Classroom, Gymnasium, Fitness and Activity Center.

St. John the Baptist

Catholic Church

W.L. McNatt & Company has completed multiple projects for Saint John over the years including a two story activity center, major sanctuary expansion and the remodel and expansion of their adjoining school.

Pelican Bay Water Park

Pelican Bay aquatic center, a $3.6 million project, was a nine-month project that required around-the-clock construction to reach completion.

The facility, which won the Award of Excellence for Facilities from the Oklahoma Recreation and Parks Society, opened in June 2002.

In its first season, Pelican Bay attracted 60,000 visitors, about 12,000 more than the old pool had the year before.

OKC Chamber

of Commerce

Working with award-winning architect Rand Elliott, W.L. McNatt & Company restored a historic building at 123 Park Ave that now is home to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

Originally a department store, the 25,000-sqaure-feet facility includes many unique design features like branded calfskin on the surface of reception desks on each of the four floors.

Additional design elements include etched glass, solid resin countertops and a contemporary interior design.



This was W.L. McNatt & Company’s second project with the Oklahoma City Zoo.

The construction of the new front entry, which includes many unique features, required us to work closely in conjunction with the zoo to keep visitors out of harm's way during construction while keeping the facility easily accessible. The new entry includes ticket booths, a store, offices and vending area.

Rosary School

Oklahoma City

W.L. McNatt & Company has worked with the Rosary School on four different projects during the span of over a decade. The facility has trusted us with not only new construction, but historic preservation and renovation.

Mustang Town Center

Mustang, Oklahoma

Part of Mustang’s Vision 2000 development plan, the city’s Town Center includes a 60,000-square-foot building, new aquatic center and recreational fields.

Inside the community center, residents can take advantage of a basketball court, an indoor walking track and the city's public library.

OSU Student Union

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University’s 50-year old Student Union recently underwent a major renovation and addition with the help of W.L. McNatt & Company. The building, which brings many student services under one roof, is home to not only OSU offices and meeting rooms, but also a food court, merchants and a hotel.

This challenging project required a special skill for blending the old with the new and also detailed planning to keep the building up and running amid construction.

Mustang Police Station

Mustang, Oklahoma

Mustang’s Police Department moved into their new $3 million headquarters in early 2002.

The project, which was constructed by W.L. McNatt & Company, increased the holding area for prisoners, provided the latest in security technology and offered the department room for growth.

The new police station is part of the Mustang Vision 2000, a group of projects paid for through a one-cent sales tax passed by voters in 1999.

OSU Langston


This project is a 57,000 square foot Agricultural, Research, Extension Outreach and Education complex completed in 2004 for Langston University. An extensive amount of Laboratory Research Equipment was furnished and installed by W.L. McNatt & Company as part of this project. This facility is expected to be one of the top university sponsored agricultural research facilities in the country.

First Fidelity Bank

Tulsa Branch

This 5,000 square foot, class A branch facility completed in 2004 is the most recent, stand alone new branch facility for First Fidelity Bank. W.L. McNatt & Company has completed over 10 new branch facilities over the last 5 years for several banking concerns.

Norman Regional Hospital

"Health Plex"

This multi-story cross town expansion of Norman Regional Hospital is the anchor building for a new medical park. This facility encompasses over 70,000 square feet which includes Physician offices, ultrasound and state of the art MRI and CT scan abilities.


For over 40 years, W.L. McNatt & Company has played a pivotal role in the building, restoration and preservation of Oklahoma City.

Working with both private and commerical clients, we specialize in projects requiring a high attention to detail.

Our approach to a project, which is based on honesty, integrity, hard work and our love of construction, assures our clients the highest quality workmanship.


Since 1973, W.L. McNatt & Company has been involved in the construction and renovation of numerous commercial, ecclesiastical and residential projects in Oklahoma.

Most of our work involves projects with a budget of between $1 million and $15 million.

Our mission is customer satisfaction.

We believe that a successful project depends on giving the owner as well his project the personal attention deserved.

We believe that honesty is a fundamental building block in our relationship with an owner, and that trust is built that solid foundation.

We believe a relationship built on personal attention, honesty and trust will assure the successful completion of a project – on time and within budget.

David McNatt
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Vice President