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About W.L. McNatt & Company

About Us

W.L. McNatt & Company has been proudly serving Oklahoma City and surrounding areas since 1973.

To date, we have completed over 1000 projects ranging in size from $20 thousand to $25 million.  These projects have been performed as Negotiated, Design Build, Hard Bid, and Cost Plus contracts.  We have successfully completed, and stand behind, each project, with our personal guarantee of quality and timely completion.

The majority of our projects range from $2 million to $12 million.  Our bonding capacity is approximately $70 million.  Our bonding company is Fidelity and Deposit Company, represented locally by Rich & Cartmill, Inc.  We are voluntarily financially audited on an annual basis by the accounting firm RSM US, LLP.

W.L. McNatt & Company is involved in the construction and renovation of numerous commercial, ecclesiastical, and residential projects in Oklahoma.  From the beginning, it has been our policy to furnish the highest quality workmanship and materials.  We are proud of our reputation of integrity.  We believe that our repeat business attests to the quality, economy, and efficiency of our operations.  Our management team has over a century of combined construction experience.

We believe that if you give the owner the personal attention he/she deserves before, during, and after the project, and if you give his/her project the attention it requires, then you will have the main ingredients for a good working relationship and a successful conclusion.

We believe that the fundamental building block in our relationship with the owner is honesty, upon which trust can be built.

A relationship built on personal attention, honesty, and trust will assure you of the successful completion of your project on time and in budget.

We at W.L. McNatt & Company value our community and are constantly looking for ways to improve not only buildings and structures but the lives of the people who are in them. Since 1973 we have been helping build up the community that we all enjoy today.